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Reviews and Articles


"An escalating game of backstabbing and dirty tricks."

Drake's Flame: Upcoming Board Game Review - Startup Fever

"a well-harmonized symphony"

Dice Hate Me: A Dice Hate Me Look at Startup Fever

"Startup Fever is really cool"

Geek Dad (Wired): Catch Some Startup Fever This Week!

"This game has great potential"

2D6: A preview of Start up Fever! 2D6

"It's definitely a game that tells a story."

UndeadViking: 120 minutes of tenacious, conflict filled a Euro (Video Review)

"Like a Silicon Valley version of Settlers of Catan."

Tech Crunch: Can’t Build A Real Startup? Play The ‘Startup Fever’ Boardgame

"For those who are unhappy that their tech startup consumes almost every ounce of their energy."

Geekosystem: Tech Startup Maniacs Get Their Own Board Game

Background Articles by the Designer

"A quick look behind the scenes of developing Startup Fever."

The Story in 9 Boards

"The various mechanisms used in the game, some mechanisms no longer used."

Designer Diaries: Coming Down with Startup Fever